Journal Article: Cell metabolism Year: 2016
Issue: 1 Volume: 23 Page: 155-64

IL-18 Production from the NLRP1 Inflammasome Prevents Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome. 

Murphy AJ, Kraakman MJ, Kammoun HL, Dragoljevic D, Lee M, Lawlor KE, Wentworth JM, Vasanthakumar A, Gerlic M, Whitehead LW, DiRago L, Cengia L, Lane RM, Metcalf D, Vince JE, Harrison LC, Kallies A, Kile BT, Croker B, Febbraio MA, Masters SL
Journal Article: Osteoarthritis and cartilage / OARS, Osteoarthritis Research Society Year: 2015
Issue: 10 Volume: 23 Page: 1743-54

Distinctive pro-inflammatory gene signatures induced in articular chondrocytes by oncostatin M and IL-6 are regulated by Suppressor of Cytokine Signaling-3. 

Liu X, Liu R, Croker B, Lawlor KE, Smyth GK, Wicks IP
Journal Article: The Journal of experimental medicine Year: 2015
Issue: 6 Volume: 212 Page: 927-38

Aberrant actin depolymerization triggers the pyrin inflammasome and autoinflammatory disease that is dependent on IL-18, not IL-1β. 

Kim ML, Chae JJ, Park YH, De Nardo D, Stirzaker RA, Ko HJ, Tye H, Cengia L, DiRago L, Metcalf D, Roberts A, Kastner DL, Lew AM, Lyras D, Kile BT, Croker B, Masters SL
Journal Article: Journal of leukocyte biology Year: 2015
Issue: 2 Volume: 97 Page: 321-6

Fas regulates neutrophil lifespan during viral and bacterial infection. 

O'Donnell JA, Kennedy CL, Pellegrini M, Nowell CJ, Zhang JG, O'Reilly LA, Cengia L, Dias S, Masters SL, Hartland EL, Roberts A, Gerlic M, Croker B
Journal Article: Cell Year: 2014
Issue: 5 Volume: 157 Page: 1175-88

RIPK1 regulates RIPK3-MLKL-driven systemic inflammation and emergency hematopoiesis. 

Rickard JA, O'Donnell JA, Evans JM, Lalaoui N, Poh AR, Rogers T, Vince JE, Lawlor KE, Ninnis RL, Anderton H, Hall C, Spall SK, Phesse TJ, Abud HE, Cengia LH, Corbin J, Mifsud S, Di Rago L, Metcalf D, Ernst M, Dewson G, Roberts A, Alexander WS, Murphy JM, Ekert PG, Masters SL, Vaux DL, Croker B, Gerlic M, Silke J
Manuscript: Cell Metabolism Year: 2014
Issue: 3 Volume: 19 Page: 345

NLRP1a expression in Srebp-1a-deficient mice 

Croker B, Gerlic , Masters , Moayeri , Cengia , Kile
Journal Article: Immunity Year: 2012
Issue: 6 Volume: 37 Page: 1009-23

NLRP1 inflammasome activation induces pyroptosis of hematopoietic progenitor cells. 

Masters SL, Gerlic M, Metcalf D, Preston S, Pellegrini M, O'Donnell JA, McArthur K, Baldwin TM, Chevrier S, Nowell CJ, Cengia LH, Henley KJ, Collinge JE, Kastner DL, Feigenbaum L, Hilton DJ, Alexander WS, Kile BT, Croker B