Completed Grants and Sponsored Research

Sponsor Grant ID: 5U54DK110805 Project Date: August 5, 2016 - July 31, 2021
Sponsoring Organization: NIH/NIDD

A Center of Molecular Hematology

Description of Major Goals
Support a core facility that can isolate rare hematopoietic populations and chromatin analysis for center users.
Sponsor Grant ID: 5R01CA202756-02 Project Date: July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2021
Sponsoring Organization: NIH

Development of novel selective Rac inhibitors for refractory leukemias

Description of Major Goals
The goal of this project is to carry out orthogonal approaches to develop small molecule inhibitors of Rac for the treatment of refractory leukemias (in particular, MLL-rearranged and RAS-mutated).
Sponsor Grant ID: 5P01HL048546-25 Project Date: September 1, 2016 - May 31, 2021
Sponsoring Organization: Oregon Health and Science University

FA PPG Core D: Preclinical Studies of Marrow Failure and Clonal Evolution in Fanconi Anemia

Description of Major Goals
Evaluate the effects of small molecule compounds, metformin and TGF-beta receptor kinase inhibitors (TRKI), that improve proliferation, hematopoiesis, and cell survival in Fanconi anemia (FA) models, on the growth and differentiation of primary FA bone marrow, to investigate the effects of these compounds on DNA repair and clonal disease, and to develop a clinical trial to treat marrow failure in FA.