Harnessing novel genomic and proteomic approaches to improve patient outcomes in pediatric solid tumors

We leverage innovative technologies to determine prognostic biomarkers and validate druggable targets in Ewing's Sarcoma and Osteosarcoma

The Crompton Laboratory focuses on leveraging proteomic and genomic approaches to transform treatment approaches for pediatric solid tumor malignancies. We utilize high-throughput chemical and molecular screening coupled with proteomic and genomic profiling to identify new targeted therapeutic approaches for aggressive pediatric sarcomas. New targets and therapies are validated in cell line and mouse xenograft models with the goal of initiating new clinical trials. We also utilize highly quantitative genomic techniques to develop non-invasive liquid biopsy assays for patients with pediatric sarcomas. These new assays are designed to aid in the diagnosis of patients, measure treatment response, monitor patients for treatment resistance, and perform surveillance for possible disease relapse.

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